We understand that coming to Japan for the first time can be overwhelming. It can also become confusing because of the language barrier. We are aggregating some information that might help the newcomers. We spent a significant amount of time figuring out things and places when we arrived in Tokyo, newcomers might get some benefit out of it.


  1. Is it Vegan? Website containing a list of vegan products which can be found in supermarkets and konbinis.
  2. HappyCow: Must have app containing info about vegan and vegetarian restaurants throughout Japan.
  3. Bread: Pasco bread
  4. Mochi(check ingriedients some may contain egg)
  5. Frozen plant based gyozas, pasta
  6. Tofu

Online Indian Grocery Shopping

  1. Ambika
  2. Indo bazaar

Some info regarding apartment

  1. UR website: You can search for locations and apartments availability. Apartments availablity is not always updated. More importantly, you can search for floor plans of the apartments.
  2. Website of the real estate agent that we used. You can also check youtube where they upload apartment tours in different regions.
  3. You can call and book an appointment at UR office in the area you are looking for the apartment. You can also ask for english support.
  4. For UR houses there will be 2 month deposit in advance.
  5. Sharing houses are also an option. You will get a private room and share common spaces with other people. Sakura house is a well known sharing house.
  6. For gas, electricity and water: Contact your agent when making housing contract. It can be set up by reserving installation date and time with providers over call.
  7. For wifi: You can go to the Yodobashi in Akihabara. They will explain you various contracts and they too have english support.

Indian sim cards

  1. Airtel: I use Airtel and it works fine. You will have to recharge with Airtel international romaing pack which costs 1200 INR and gives 1 GB data and 90 mins calling to local(Japan) and Indian numbers.
  2. Vodafone:It works decent but has higher international roaming plans.
  3. Jio: It did not work very well.

General Tips

  1. Always keep cash, lot of places won't accept cards especially izakayas.
  2. Always keep residence card with yourselves when going out.
  3. Get a Pasmo/Suica from for transportaion and it can be integrated with iPhone.

If you have any queries or confusion you can ask us

*There is no endorsement, and we only have a subset of information that otherwise can be found online. Some of the information might be outdated.